House for young family

Townhouse in the cottage for a young family of three — a married couple and a little son

Project author: Evgenia Ermolaeva, Lyudmila Samoilova, EEDS design studio
Photographer: Shangina Olga
Shooting stylist: Ermolaeva Evgenia

1st floor — common area of ​​the kitchen-living room, guest bathroom, vestibule, hallway and staircase hall. The desire to have a cozy, light, but not monochrome interior in warm colors with eco-friendly materials, wood texture took shape in a contemporary style using eco-style elements.

One of the important wishes of the customers was the presence of a magnetic chalkboard in the kitchen-living room. As a result, this board occupied a large area on the accent wall, visible from the entrance area. It can be used not only for notes and reminders, but also as a decorative surface for holiday decorations and congratulations.

2nd floor — a private recreation area for the whole family. Includes bedroom, nursery, dressing room and bathroom. The premises are small in size, so the main task was not to furnish the premises and add more color, brightness, and individuality.

An eco-theme is visible through the entire project, which is expressed in:
— the use of wood texture in furniture, floor coverings (even porcelain stoneware has a wood texture), furniture and lighting materials (chandelier above the dining table, pendant lamps above the stair hall between the 1st and 2nd floors);
— decorative partitions made of wooden rivers and beams (in the basement, in the hall on the 2nd floor, on the attic floor);
— frescoes and panels depicting landscapes (in the bathroom — a false window with illumination, behind the sofa on the attic floor).


Наш менеджер свяжется с Вами в ближайшее время.